NCCPS Expert Advisory Panel

Tracy Howe

Domestic Violence and Child Safety Expert

— Tracy Howe

Tracy has a legal background and previously worked as a senior legal advisor in the public service giving her specialist knowledge of Child Support Agency systems. Her current position as Manager of a women and children’s refuge sees Tracy working with women and children who are escaping domestic violence. Tracy is often a support during Family Court proceedings and after the fact in supporting women meet their obligations pursuant to any orders made in the Family Court. Tracy witnesses first hand the effects of the Family Law Act and the corresponding decisions made where there is either the threat of, or current domestic violence perpetrated on mothers and/or their children.

Tracy has also been both a non-primary carer parent and primary carer parent and both a payer and payee of child support and was always committed to considering both parents� viewpoints in relation to Family Law matters and the payment of child maintenance. However, it is only with the benefit of working in a women and children�s refuge context that Tracy has now found her focus to include and in fact be driven by upholding the safety, wellbeing and rights of children where there is Family Court involvement.

Tracy is committed to being involved in a non-abusive and positive campaign that steers clear of gendered arguments and brings the focus at all times back to the safety, wellbeing, stability and needs of the child.

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