NCCPS Expert Advisory Panel

Freda Briggs

Child Protection Expert

— Freda Briggs

Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs AO is a researcher and lecturer in sociology, child protection and family studies for the University of South Australia. Freda’s expertise has seen her consulted by the World Health Organisation on programs to protect children from violence. She has also consulted to the New Zealand Police, Department of Education in Australia, Anglicare and UNICEF. She has published 17 books on child abuse and child protection issues and written countless journals. Freda has ceaselessly and passionately worked towards her vision to provide a safer and more caring world for children and her work in the area of child safety saw her appointed as Senior Australian of the Year, recipient of the Order of Australia, the Centenary Medal, the Inaugural Australian Humanitarian Award and an Honorary Doctorate in Letters from the University of Sheffield (UK 2009).

Freda has been a member of numerous State and Federal Government committees and working parties including the PM and Cabinet’s Working Party into The protection of children with disabilities, the State Working Party into Alternatives to Foster Care and the State Child Sex Abuse Taskforce.

She is an adviser to State Government Ministers on child protection and foster care issues. By invitation, Freda has presented at numerous Parliamentary Inquiries including the Legislative Review into the Conviction of Sex Offenders; the Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care; the Senate Inquiry into Corporal Punishment; the Standing Committee Inquiry into Families Australia and the South Australian Inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in state care (2008). She was consultant to the federal Minister for Education for writing the National Safe School Framework and co-inquirer into the handling of child sex abuse cases by former Governor General Peter Hollingworth in his role as Archbishop of Brisbane..

Freda’s published books include:

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  2. Briggs, F (in publication 2010) Smarter Parenting for Safer Kids
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