NCCPS Expert Advisory Panel

Charles Pragnell

Child Protection Systems Expert​

— Charles Pragnell

Charles Pragnell is an independent Expert Defence Witness for Child Protection and has given evidence to courts in England, Scotland, and New Zealand. Since 1990 he has acted as an advocate/representative for children and families in child protection matters and other proceedings involving various state agencies. Since 1996 he has made special studies of issues involving Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Charles has almost forty years of experience working directly with children and young people as a social worker and senior manager of social services. He has undertaken research for the National Children’s Bureau and other educational, social and health services and appeared at national and international conferences presenting on children�s issues (including child protection) and social policy, and lectured at English and Australian universities. Charles is regularly published in journals in the U.K., South Africa and online. He was a member of an international working party of social workers in child and family services which was set up by the Federation Internationale de Communite’ Educative to produce an international Code of Ethical Conduct and Practice Principles for social workers worldwide

The works of Charles Pragnell include:

Suicide in separated fathers
Family Reporters Overstep The Mark
Forward To The Past
A Charter For Children’s Rights Under The Family Law
Captive Children abused by the Family Law System
Child Protection and Child Welfare
Flaws and Deficiencies in the Family Law
Family Law and the Dire consequences for Children
Petition answered with Spin and Sophism
The Silence of the Media Lambs!
Doctors in a Dilemma
Are you an ‘Appropriate’ person?
Childrens Plan
State Terrorism
The Seriously Unhealthy State of Paediatrics
RAD – the Return of a Nightmare
Persecution of Children and Families
Why I  am Petitioning the Prime Minister
Vaccines and Child Abuse Accusations
Why did Sally Clark Suffer and Die?
Perverse Reversal of Child Custody
Child Protection in Kangaroo Courts
Fabricated and induced illness in Children
A History of Man’s Inhumanity
A System out of Control
Forced Adoption

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