On behalf of the National Council for Children Post-Separation(NCCPS) and the National Child Protection Alliance (NCPA) we would like to extend our sympathies to the family and friends of the late Barbara Holborow OAM.

Known as the Kids Champion, Barbara’s legacy was her commitment to children’s rights. Barbara dedicated her life to helping children and making their world a safer place.

We will be forever grateful for the advice and time she dedicated to children and assisting us in our cause.

Barbara Holborow is irreplaceable – her work, her passion and her dedication cannot be replicated. She will be missed greatly by all.

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Reforms Not Enough to Keep Children Safe – NCCPS & NCPA JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT – 4/06/2012

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Reforms Not Enough to Put Children First – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 8/07/2011

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Click here to view a list of submissions received by the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011 [Provisions] Committee

Family Law Amendments Welcomed by Children’s Rights Group – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 26/03/2011

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*New* Articles of Interest – Dr Michael Flood

“Fathers’ Rights” and the Defense of Paternal Authority in Australia

The Myth of False Accusations of Child Abuse

The Myth of Women’s False Accusations of Domestic Violence 

NCCPS Family Law Open Letter – 4/03/2011

Australia’s Children are suffering abuse and neglect because of conflicts and confusions between Federal law and State laws and the failings in their implementation by the respective Family Courts, Child Protection agencies, and Court officers.

This is an Open Letter to the Police Ministers of Australia’s States and Territories, the Attorneys General of those States and Territories, the Federal Attorney General, and Australia’s Chief Justice Diane Bryant on behalf of the many hundreds of children who are suffering continuing abuse, and even death as a consequence of this national scandal more…

Family Law Amendments Can Prevent Further Child Abuse – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 27/02/2011

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Courts must put Children’s Safety First – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 11/11/2010

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National Council for Children Post-Separation Calls for Government to Act for Child’s Welfare In ‘abduction’ case – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 13/09/2010

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National Day to Remember Victims of Domestic Violence – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 06/05/2010

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Call for Statutory Training for all Judges and Magistrates in Australian Family Courts – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 12/04/2010

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Child Experts Outraged over Decision to force Children to spend time with Sex Offender Father – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 15/03/2010

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Children’s Rights and Protection Groups Demand Changes in the Family Law – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 08/02/2010

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What About The Children? – Protesting against the protesters of the Family Law Shared Parenting reviews – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 02/02/2010

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Report Shows Children at Risk But A-G Says “All Just A Misunderstanding” – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 28/01/2010

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Shared care an unintended consequence – Australian Family Magazine


On White Ribbon Day 25 November 2009, the National Council for Children Post-Separation (NCCPS) called on the Family Court of Australia (FCA) to recognize that violence against women frequently involves violence against their children. A rally was held in Sydney on Sunday 22nd November to raise awareness in the FCA that violence to a parent is harmful to a child.

Domestic violence is the use of violence by one person to exert control over another within an intimate relationship and often takes the form of physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, social, and financial abuse or a combination of such abuses. 

“Violence against women is abhorrent but violence committed in the presence or hearing of children constitutes child abuse. It can be just as psychologically damaging to the child as being the recipient of the physical violence. For that reason alone, it has to be taken more seriously, especially by Family Courts,” says Professor Freda Briggs, Emeritus Professor in Child Development at the University of South Australia who is a member of the Expert Panel for the NCCPS and author of some 16 books and a vast number of research articles relating to child abuse. 

National Child Protection Week – NCCPS MEDIA STATEMENT – 02/09/2009

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How Can I help my Child Through a Trauma?

The following questions have come from concerned parents of the Safer Family Law Campaign. We thank Liz Mullinar for taking the time to respond and assist us with providing this information More…

MEDIA STATEMENT – 24/07/2009

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Have You Been a Victim of False Allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome [PAS] Allegations’ or Do You Think Your Ex is Trying to Set You Up?

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Shared Parenting – The Myth

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Media Page – see all the latest family law-related news stories here

The National Council for Children Post-Separation represents more than 3000 concerned parents, legal experts, academics, domestic violence workers, men’s anti-violence groups, health professionals, journalists, authors, counselors and members of the public from around Australia who are seeing consistent failures in the Family Law system to protect children and promote their well-being post-separation.

NCCPS mission statement is to:

  • raise public awareness about the impact of the Family Law Act on children
  • facilitate changes to the Act which will give children the best chance of becoming happy, healthy adults after parental separation
  • bring attention to the Family Court culture which our members routinely see contributes to the Court’s failing in their duty of care towards children from domestic violence or abusive backgrounds

The Council’s primary task, raising public awareness about these issues through the media, is implemented through its Safer Family Law Campaign. 

It’s secondary task is lobbying politicians, promoting judicial professional development and liaising with and seeking advice and support from other organizations interested in children’s safety and well-being post-separation.