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The National Council for Children Post-Separation represents more than 3000 concerned parents, legal experts, academics, domestic violence workers, men’s anti-violence groups, health professionals, journalists, authors, counselors and members of the public from around Australia who are seeing consistent failures in the Family Law system to protect children and promote their well-being post-separation.

Partnering to ensure where all children are supported in the Family Law Court system.

NCCPS mission statement is to:
raise public awareness about the impact of the Family Law Act on children

facilitate changes to the Act which will give children the best chance of becoming happy, healthy adults after parental separation

bring attention to the Family Court culture which our members routinely see contributes to the Court’s failing in their duty of care towards children from domestic violence or abusive backgrounds

The Council’s primary task, raising public awareness about these issues through the media, is implemented through its Safer Family Law Campaign.

It’s secondary task is lobbying politicians, promoting judicial professional development and liaising with and seeking advice and support from other organizations interested in children’s safety and well-being post-separation.



— We Raise Public Awareness


— We Facilitate Changes to the Act


— We Demand Action


— We Identify Where Change is Needed


— We Inform


— We Consult


Childrens Stories – Two children tell how the Family Court forced them to visit or live with an abusive parents.

One father took her mother to court more than 200 times
Youtube videos produced by Campaign convenor Barbara Biggs

Children’s Drawings – Children communicate differently from adults

This video shows how children express their distress and trauma. Family Courts should tailor themselves to allow for the ways children communication their trauma rather than not giving children a voice or expecting the to tailor the way they communicate to fit with adult expectations
Youtube videos produced by Campaign convenor Barbara Biggs

NCCPS Expert Advisory Panel


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